Catrina Russell’s Ultimate Guide to Selling Your Home in Point Loma

Catrina Russell’s Ultimate Guide to Selling Your Home in Point Loma

  • Catrina Russell
  • 04/26/23

San Diego continues to be an area of high value. With the ocean nearby, so much to do, and warm weather year-round, it is no wonder that everyone wants to move there! If you are someone who holds real estate in San Diego, consider yourself lucky, there will be a high demand. Areas such as Point Loma are also considered some of the best in San Diego. Since the Bay and Ocean are nearby, it will certainly increase your odds of selling your home at a high value. Read on for some expert tips for selling your home in San Diego, specifically in Point Loma.

When to Sell Your House in Point Loma

The best time to sell your house is during the peak times when it is skewed toward a seller's market. A seller's market is when there is a higher number of buyers, thus increasing the demand for housing in a given time period. With low inventory, it can increase the price during purchase negotiations. The number one tip we can give you is to not sell your home during the offseason, which includes the months surrounding the holidays. Because many people are wrapped up in family, travel, or celebrating they will be less likely to look for a new house. As opposed to the winter months, the best time to sell your home in Point Loma is early April through September. Typically, by April homebuyers become more serious about looking for a house, and if you list, then you will get a jump on the eager buyers on the market.

Boost the Condition of Your Home

If you are waiting for the spring months to arrive, you can take advantage of the extra time to boost the condition of your Point Loma real estate. If you can invest a little money into your homes, such as a new paint job, better insulation, or an improvement to your curb appeal,  you can increase your return on investment. First impressions are important and can set a positive or negative perception on the buyer. If you focus on the way you can improve aspects of your home, you will be better prepared for the selling process. Additionally, in San Diego, there are various architectural styles depending on the neighborhood. So, incorporating elements of what is liked in your area can also get you a better sale price once you list.

Make Sure You Have Exceptional Photos

The key way to make your listing stand out is to have excellent photos. An accurate visual representation of your Point Loma home for sale will ensure that buyers know exactly what they are looking at when they make the decision to come to your open house. You will want to clean your house nicely and remove any unnecessary clutter. Staging your home for listing photos and future showings can also be a great way to sell quicker. The best way to think about it is to imagine if you were in the buyer's shoes and what you would want in a San Diego house. Highlight the very best features you have to offer.

On Point Marketing

With so many areas in San Diego to choose from, you will want to make it apparent why someone would want to buy in Point Loma. You can highlight various landmarks in the neighborhood that make it special. For instance, Point Loma has the well-known “Sunset Cliffs” and Shelter Island. Other great places to visit include Cabrillo National Monument and Liberty Station. These are all locations that you have bragging rights on! Feel free to feature them on your listing! Additionally, you will obviously want to brag about your own home. What are some things that make it special? Is there a lovely view? Do you have California doors? Make sure to market all you can!

Price it Properly From the Start

Even in a hot real estate market, there are homes that will sit for months on end. If a property is priced too high, it will sit for longer than it should. This does not mean there is something wrong with it, it simply means it is not attracting the attention of very many people. Alternatively, if you price your home aggressively, it can end up at the top of the list for buyers. They can get attached to the house and place an offer above the asking price to beat the competition. This is a win-win for both parties. The buyer will get their dream home, while the seller will end up with the selling price they hoped for in the beginning. More money in your pocket will certainly make you happier with your decision to price a bit lower from the start.

Put On A Good Showing

Once the buyer is interested in paying your home a visit, it is critical that you put on a good show. The first step is to make your home readily available to buyers who give you short notice. If you set too many restrictions on when it is available, it could scare off potential buyers. Part of putting on a good showing is keeping your home show-ready for the instances when someone wants to come to see it, and you are unprepared. Most of us don’t live picture-perfect lives but putting in the extra effort to keep your house clean and neat will make a world of difference during your sale.

Team Up with a Real Estate Agent

Finding an agent who can help guide you through the selling process will put your mind at ease. In the moments you need extra support or advice, your Point Loma realtor will be there to help. Trying to navigate everyday activities along with selling a house can be a bit tricky, that’s why you can find a trustworthy agent such as Catrina Russell to help you! You will be selling in no time!

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